Spotter Vehicle Marshal Banksman

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To undertake spotter duties safely and correctly.

Spotter Vehicle Banksman safety distances


To communicate with the driver and plant operator using correct and recognised hand signals.

To protect self and others around reversing lorries, moving plant and from hazards associated.

To demonstrate understanding and practical application of course content in final practical exercise.

Why do you Need a Vehicle Banksman/Spotter?

As well as deaths and injuries, there can be significant and costly damage to vehicles and other on-site equipment in an uncontrolled environment. A Vehicle Banksman/Spotter has the important responsibility of trying to ensure these accidents don’t happen. Noel Kelly has over 40 years of experience in transportation, construction, warehousing and depots.

With training and qualifications, a Banksman/Spotter can be vital in a number of different working environments such as ports, docks, factories, loading bays, construction projects and storage depots. Places such as building sites, for instance, which often have large vehicles, trucks, excavators and cranes all in one relatively enclosed space need a good Vehicle Banksman/Spotter to take control and direct vehicle operations.

Spotter Vehicle Marshal Banksman training
Trainer giving instructions for Spotter Vehicle Marshal Banksman Training
Spotter Vehicle Marshal Banksman Training

Book Spotter Vehicle Marshal Banksman Training Course