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All Terrain Vehicle – Sit-in Conventional Steer

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At a glance…

Training (with Assessment) Competence with Modules

Duration Notes: The expected duration for the course is one day, however please note this may vary according to factors such as level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of instructors to learners.

Delivery Method: Training (with Assessment) Competence

Recognised by: This course is recognised by the HSE/HSA/HSENI. Every employer has the responsibility to ensure that all persons who use or supervise those using work equipment have received adequate training for purposes of health and safety.

Prerequisites: It is important that you already hold your CAT B driving licence if you intend to use this vehicle on the road.


Whether you’re an experienced hand or just starting out, our course will steer you through all you’ll need to ride this modern-day workhorse safely and expertly.

Overview in brief

Sit-in Conventional Steer All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs, also known as Quad Bikes or Quadbikes) are incredibly versatile machines, making them popular, and vital, tools of the trade for agricultural businesses.

But their flexibility means that even the most experienced rider can find themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Without proper training, serious accidents can occur – a fact at the heart of our course and its objectives.

The Finer Details

Our expert instructors will help you master the skills needed to ride a Sit-in Conventional Steer ATV safely and with confidence.

As the name suggests, you’ll gain vital experience tackling all terrains and in all conditions, from testing hill climbs to public roads.

The course’s key fundamentals will also cover loading and towing, identifying and reporting mechanical faults and understanding health, safety and legal issues.

New riders will gain the basic skills required to use ATVs effectively.

More experienced operators will be able to maximise their abilities to get the very best out of their vehicle.

Worth noting: Assessed certificated options are available, but may require additional time. These include:

  • Tracked Accessory
  • Wheeled
  • Rough Terrain
  • Towing Trailed Equipment
  • Loading ATVs for Transport
  • Carrying Loads

Who Should Attend?

The Sit-in Conventional Steer ATV course is for anyone who uses or will be using this type of ATV for work. Whether novice or experienced operators, this course is designed for anyone using Sit-in Conventional Steered ATVs. Options are available for tracked or wheeled conventional steered vehicles. We’d recommend a 1-day course for experienced learners and a 2-day course for those with little experience. If you’re a complete novice, you may need longer to complete this course.

What Will be Covered?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on safe practice
  • Identify the risks associated with using a sit-in ATV
  • Select and use appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Understand the main causes of accidents
  • Identify the controls and components
  • Understand the function of all instruments
  • Carry out daily checks as indicated in the operator’s manual
  • Carry out appropriate pre-start checks
  • Identify and report any faults
  • Start up and drive over a variety of terrain and ground conditions
  • Carry out a ‘failed hill’ climb (full course only)
  • Carry out a risk assessment and plan the route
  • Operate the sit-in ATV safely on a variety of slopes and terrain (full course only)
  • Identify loading/towing capacities
  • Drive with loads and trailed equipment (full course)
  • Load and secure for transport on the road (if appropriate)
  • Understand legal and practical requirements for travelling on the public road
  • Identify track profile and weight transfer
  • Load and unload machine from trailer/lorry

Other areas of interest

  • All Terrain Vehicle – Sit-Astride
  • All Terrain Vehicle – Sit-in Skid Steer

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