Location of Underground Services (LUGS)

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Location of Underground Services Training Course Aim

Cross-section of under ground cables

This two day location of underground services (LUGS) course is designed to train course participants to be competent to plan, organise, manage and undertake work where there is a risk of contact with underground energy sources or other services using cable avoidance tools and signal generators (CAT & GENNY).The course is as per HSA ‘Code of Practice For Avoiding DangerFrom Underground Services’, Gas Networks Ireland ‘Safety advice for working in the vicinity of natural gas pipelines’, HSG 47 ‘Avoiding danger from underground services’ HSE.


Location of Underground Services (LUGS) Course Content

  • Legal & Occupational Responsibilities.
  • Liaison with others.
  • Risk Assessment- location and detection of underground services.
  • Planning the work.
  • Safe Systems of Work- CAT & GENNY.
  • Video Presentation.
  • Introduction to location & detection equipment – functional checks.
  • Practical on-site location of underground services (by each delegate).
  • Practical techniques for locating various services – pipes, cables, street lighting, concrete reinforcing bars and locating tee connections.
  • Further practical exercise – incorporating all associated equipment.
  • Maintenance & storage of underground services (CAT & GENNY) equipment.
  • Safe digging techniques.

Duration: 2 Day

Training Times: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

LUGS | CAT & Genny Assessment: Theory and Practical Examination.

Certification: On successful completion of this CAT & Genny course, candidates will be awarded a FETAC/QQI Certificate and a CSCS Card.

Location of Underground Services (LUGS) Course requirements: One Passport Photograph, Safe pass course completed, PPS Number, PPE (personal protective equipment), i.e. Hard Hat, High Vis Vest, Steel Toe Capped Boots, Gloves

Safe digging techniques

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