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Winter Service Operations – Prepare and Operate Winter Service Vehicles and Equipment over 7500kg

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At a glance…

Assessment Only Competence with Modules

Duration Notes: The expected duration for the course is half a day, however please note this may vary according to factors such as level of experience, modules or attachments selected, or the ratio of Instructors to Learners.

Prerequisites: Learners must hold a current and valid:

  • Driving licence, applicable for the size of machine and have been profiled by the Provider
  • Certificate for WSO01 Winter Service Operations – Health and Safety Awareness


Becoming proficient in operating this equipment is an essential and valued operator’s skill for any contract, large or small.

Overview in Brief

This course will assess your knowledge and give you confidence to operate the equipment safely, protecting both you and those around you.

This course offers a range of certificate options depending on your needs:

  • Fixed spreaders
  • Demountable spreaders
  • Towed spreaders
  • Snowploughs
  • Brine application
  • Dedicated Highways England winter service vehicles
  • Dedicated National Assembly for Wales winter service vehicles

The Finer Details

This assessment course has been developed to assess your knowledge and understanding of how to prepare and operate winter service vehicles and equipment over 7500kg.

The course duration will depend on the number of Learners requiring assessment and will last between half a day and one full day.

The assessment will consist of oral questioning and practical assessment using the machine. Assessment will cover:

  • Winter Service Operations and the Law
  • Machine and De-icing Material Knowledge
  • Working Practices
  • Machine Familiarisation

If successful in meeting the required standards assessed, you will be awarded a certificate of competence and a Lantra skills ID card for your chosen certificate option.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for you if you need to prove your ability in safely preparing and operating winter service vehicles and equipment over 7500kg or renew your Lantra Skills card.

As you’ll appreciate, this course contains some practical activity that will require a minimum level of fitness. If you have any concerns, please speak to the Provider.

What Will be Covered?

At the end of this course, you will have proved your ability to:

  • Define the pre-start checks and defect reporting requirements for winter service vehicles and equipment
  • Carry out pre-start checks on winter service vehicles
  • Record routine vehicle checks and defects appropriately in the maintaining agents prescribed format
  • Carry our pre-start checks on snowplough equipment in preparation for winter service operations
  • Identify the correct snowplough blade for the route and operational conditions
  • Mount and secure the snowplough to the winter service vehicle
  • Identify the controls used to distribute spreading materials on vehicles and equipment
  • Carry out pre-start checks on spreaders in preparation for winter service operations
  • Load winter service vehicles in preparation for spreading and ensure that materials are secure
  • Identify the range of spread patterns used during winter service operations
  • State how to determine the width of spread or application of spreading materials
  • Check and prepare spreader settings ready for winter service operations
  • Operate winter service vehicles in a safe and controlled manner appropriate for typical winter conditions
  • Carry out winter service operations in a safe and controlled manner
  • State instances where particular care should be taken when operating winter service vehicles
  • Define the hazards associated with manoeuvring winter service vehicles
  • State the purpose of vehicle care and maintenance following winter service operations
  • Demonstrate how to safely shutdown and store winter service vehicles after use
  • Demonstrate how to operate the snowplough and winter service vehicle when clearing snow
  • State the purpose of safe systems of work during snow clearing activities
  • Demonstrate how to safely remove and securely store the snowplough after use
  • Describe the conditions that would make snowploughs unsafe or unsuitable for use
  • Define the safety considerations to be made when using a snowplough in high-risk areas
  • Demonstrate how to operate and adjust equipment to achieve the required patterns, width and rate of spread
  • Explain the impact that route features, weather and surface conditions may have when spreading materials
  • Define how blockages can be detected and cleared when spreading materials
  • Describe why surplus spreading materials should be discharge from winter service vehicles and equipment
  • Demonstrate how to safely discharge spreading materials and wash down equipment after use
  • Describe the safety measures taken when removing and storing demountable and towed spreaders after use
  • Demonstrate how to safely remove and store spreaders after use

Book Prepare and Operate Winter Service Vehicles and Equipment over 7500kg Course