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Covid 19 Compliance Officer Training


Covid 19 (C 19) Compliance Officer Training Course


The C19 Compliance Officer Safety Training Course is presented by Noel Kelly Safety Services, it is based on best practice and guidance from, WHO, HSE, HSE, CIF and the Department of Business Enterprise and innovation. This cloud-based delivery ensures the safety for all participants attending courses until the time when tutor lead programmes can return.


At the end of this course participants will have the necessary information making them competent to undertake the role of the C 19 Compliance officer in their workplace, Noel Kelly is committed to continual improvement, and this course is updated as required.


Areas covered in this C 19 Training course will include:


  • Information on C 19
  • Controls to prevent infection
  • At risk groups
  • Recovery
  • General hygiene precautions
  • Legislation
  • Management Strategy
  • Return to work and procedures
  • Travelling to and from the work site
  • Site access and egress
  • Inductions
  • Signage
  • Cleaning arrangements
  • Site office arrangements
  • Welfare
  • Walkways
  • Close contact work
  • First aid
  • C 19 Compliance officer role and duties
  • Q&A


Please note that Noel Kelly can visit sites and projects to audit compliance with the return to work protocols


Course duration is:

2.5 hours delivered by over the Zoom conferencing service, if required for groups, Microsoft Teams can be used.


On completion of the course, the candidate will be emailed a completion certificate, stating they have completed the C 19 Compliance Officer training course.


See web site, www.kellysafetyservices.ie for more information